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Energy, Vibe and Style - This class is for students who are looking for these 3 things in their dance. This open class for all level students who like to challenge themselves, will help you build your confidence and find your own unique groove and style of dance. This is your chance to live the “Arben Experience”. The play with musicality, story telling and finding your inner groove through the process of dance, you will experience it all. Arben’s vision is to spread positivity and help you own your confidence within dance and through dance in your life! Welcome to “Not Just Hip Hop”


This class is an amalgamation of inspiration from different dance forms from Afro Beats, House, Locking, Popping, Break Dance, Contemporary and Hip Hop: Hence the name "Not Just Hip Hop”.

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If you have any questions about the class, feel free to contact Arben! He will personally respond to your questions.

Student Reviews

"Arben teaches a move intricately, he aims to focus on trying to better our dance moves. This is something I appreciate in his teaching."

- Tahmina, UK

"The most special thing that I really liked in Arben's class is his humility and his modesty. These days, these are rare features among professional dancers. I attended all the tiktok courses since the beginning of the quarantine and only one course on zoom, it will not be the last. Despite his advanced and professional level in dance, he does not hesitate to encourage and take care to share the pleasure of dancing because he likes what he does and that without any compensation." 

- Bassma, Morocco

"I like the mix between breaking down moves and playing with them and choreography"

- Kezia, UK

"There’s always something new to learn and it’s good vibes"

- Shinice, UK

"Arben encourages us to have fun and it’s ok if we forget a step and just keep moving. I love his passion to share and teach his talent."

- Cydney, USA

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