Performance Intensive Program Winter 2023

Performance is the Centerpiece of Dance. The moment a dancer adds performance to their dance skills and technique, they have the power to inspire others. It’s a full package!

CLASS SCHEDULE (Each class is 3 hours):

Arben will start every class with Warm Up, Technique, Floor work, Traveling through the dance floor and some exercises with the mirror.

As the class proceeds, Arben will introduce the students to choreography and keep building on the choreo every class. His main focus will be on:

Choreo Learning – So that students learn to pick up fast

Choreo Clean Up – For Precision and Finesse

Choreo Performance – For Presence and Stage Power


This 4-week Performance Intensive Program is for those dancers who want to elevate their performance skills.





Sep 03 2023


14:00 - 17:00



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